Shortly after my daughter was born I realised just how challenging it was being a Mother. None of my friends had yet had children and my family lived on the other side of the country so my support network was minimal. On top of that I began to realise just how hard it was to reconnect with myself as an individual. My career was on hold, my spare time to enjoy hobbies had diminished and my focus and dedication was on making sure my daughter was healthy and happy.

Fortunately for myself, I realised quite early on that I needed to make changes. I needed to connect with other like-minded women, I needed to find time to enjoy the things that I loved doing (the things that made me – me) and I needed to reconnect with myself. This process involved recreating who it was to be me.. not just the Mother, but the wife and the woman behind the Mother.

I knew the biggest change I needed to make started with myself.. a change in my mindset, my beliefs and the stories that I was telling myself. The greatest hurdle I needed to overcome was feeling guilty for wanting more from Motherhood. Wanting more connection for myself, wanting more time for myself, wanting to challenge myself professionally and personally and most importantly wanting to make myself a priority when I needed to. 

Throughout my journey in doing this I met sooo many women that were struggling with the same challenges that I was. This is when I realised that as a society we have Motherhood all wrong. We place this expectation on ourselves that we NEED to live a tired, exhausted lifestyle.. that Motherhood is just about survival. We place so much emphasis on preparing for birth and how to look after our child that somewhere along the way the message got mixed up. 

Motherhood isn’t just about nurturing and growing a child, Motherhood is about nurturing YOURSELF and giving yourself the right tools so that YOU can thrive in your journey of raising your child.

I created The Motherhood Hub to recognise this.. that the personal journey and growth of the Mother is just as important as the nourishment and development of the child.

My personal mission is to change the lives of Mothers, to make them realise that they ARE creating difference in the world and to create the most positive impact you first need to create the best version of yourself!